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Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar and Expo

Seminar & Expo

June 7-9, 2015

Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia

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Key Dates and Locations

June 7-9, 2015, Atlanta, GA

June 5-7, 2016, Houston, TX

June 4-6, 2017, Anaheim, CA

June 10-12, 2018, New Orleans, LA



IDDBA's Show & Sell Center is a 10,000 sq. ft. model store in the heart of the Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo. The Center is a hub of activity featuring innovative merchandising, live demonstrations, and new this year, the Show & Sell Theater.  All this makes the Show & Sell Center a destination on the show floor.

Retail attendees visit Show & Sell for:

  • Innovative displays and concepts
  • Actionable ideas
  • Best-of-class merchandising

Exhibitors sponsor Show & Sell to:

  • Increase brand exposure
  • Position their products in innovative displays
  • Present their products in best-of-class merchandising

The Show & Sell Center also includes the IDDBA Cake Decorating Challenge. Three supermarket decorators are selected to compete in a three-day challenge featuring production cakes, wedding cakes, and three specialty cakes (special occasion, IDDBA show theme, and decorator's choice.)

The Workshops at Show & Sell

Retailers, you may want to think about bringing additional management staff to get the most out of every facet of the 2015 show. For the first time, at Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, we'll be offering up-close and personal TED-talk type workshops in the Show & Sell Center, June 7 – 9, in addition to our impressive mainstage presentations. Our line-up of superb Show & Sell speakers to-date are:

  • Walter Robb, Co-CEO Whole Foods
  • Shaquille O'Neal
  • Phil Lempert, (new IDDBA food safety research)
  • Harold Lloyd
  • Kristina Barlow, FSIS/USDA (Listeria food safety)
  • Safe Food Matters! Deli Slicer Cleaning
  • Food Demonstrations

If you'd like to see your products in the Show & Sell Center, contact Jeremy Johnson at 608-310-5000 or jjohnson@iddba.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Click on the links below to see examples from our 2014 Denver Show & Sell Center.

2014 Cake Decorating Challenge
Cake Decorating Challenge Contestants

Cake Decorating Challenge
Left to Right: Stephanie Murphree, Harp's Food Stores Inc.; Sarah Watts, Publix Super Markets Inc; Amanda Hansen, Coborn's, Inc.

Download the PDF Presentation (6.6 MB)

2014 Meals Merchandising
Show and Sell Meals Team

Meals Merchandising
Left to Right: Chris Koch, Cooking or Whatever; Glenda Levsey, Texas Trio; Buffy Tholke, Spartan Nash; Sonya Heydt, Spartan Nash; Ellen Klegstad, Marketplace Foods; Bessie Dicks, Shoppers Food and Pharmacy; Tony Wilkins, Unique Unlimited Weddings. Not Pictured: David Whitesel, Hubert Company.

Download the PDF Presentation (3.5 MB)

2014 Bakery & Cake Merchandising
Show and Sell Bakery and Cake Team

Bakery & Cake Merchandising
Left to Right: Pam Pelzel, Bakery Crafts; Danny Lane, Harp's Food Stores Inc.; Beth Scherpenberg, Empire Marketing Strategies; Martha Geiseman, Lawrence Foods Inc.; Brent Vagedes, Rich Products Corporation; Jodi Schweiss, Schnuck Markets Inc.; Julie Varner, Advantage Waypoint LLC; Jean Haynes, Dawn Food Products, Inc.; Elizabeth Riggs, Bakery Crafts; Amy Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Foods Inc.; Rob Trenchik, Barry's Gourmet Brownies; Diana Buuck, Advantage Waypoint LLC; Jim Krenek, Rich Products Corporation; Ray Lippert, Bakery Crafts. Not Pictured: Dave Beccaccio, Hubert Company; Jennifer Dahm, Dorothy Lane Market Inc.; Scott Fox, Dorothy Lane Market Inc.; Jeff Philpot, Hubert Company; Dotty VanderMolen, Advantage Waypoint LLC.

Download the PDF Presentation (6.3 MB)

2014 Cheese Merchandising
Show and Sell Cheese Team

Cheese Merchandising
Left to Right: Mike Bosse, Cheesette; Prudy Busch, SuperValu Inc.; Rita Greis, Yancey's Fancy Inc.; Peter Leuer, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.; Timothy Bowe, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.; Sue Bosse, Cheesette; Elise Shmoorkoff, Yoke's Fresh Markets; Heather Opolony, KeHE Distributors; Allen Hendricks, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.; Rich Marston, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc. Not Pictured: Jody Barrick, SuperValu Inc.; Nicki Pennington, Hubert Company; Cheryl Soares, California Milk Advisory Board; Wayne Spurlock, BelGioioso Cheese Inc.; Trevor Thomas, Lactalis American Group, Inc.

Download the PDF Presentation (4.4 MB)

2014 Deli Merchandising
Show and Sell Deli Team

Deli Merchandising
Left to Right: JoAnn Alm, Spartan Nash; Jim Alm; Isabel Fischer, Coborn's, Inc.; Ron Fischer, Coborn's, Inc.; Tom LaFera, Walmart Neighborhood Market; Billy Oxford, Landshire Inc.; JoAnn Schwarz, Spartan Nash; Patty McCormack, Reser's Fine Foods, Inc.; Jon Newsom, Champion Foods, LLC; Jon Gazin, Team Canada. Not Pictured: Chad Dils, Hubert Company.

Download the PDF Presentation (4.3 MB)

2014 Visual Merchandising
Show and Sell Visual Merchandising Team

Visual Merchandising
Left to Right: David Whitesel, Akeem Herbert, Jeff Philpot, Dave Murray, Dave Beccaccio, Mark Rudy. Not pictured: Bill Ange, Chad Dils, Nicki Pennington.

Download the PDF Presentation (5.1 MB)

2014 Cases & Equipment
Show and Sell Cases and Equipment

The cases and equipment our sponsors provide are the vehicles to the merchandising displays.

Click the link below for additional information on our 2014 sponsored cases and equipment.

Download the PDF Presentation (3.7 MB)

2014 Sponsored Packaging
Show and Sell Sponsored Packaging

Packaging can play a large role in merchandising and displaying attractive food items. The merchandising presentations show subtle packaging, which let the food be the star, and also packaging that enhances the look. Either way, packaging plays an important role in keeping the food safe, contained, and portable.

Click the link below for a closer look at our 2014 sponsored packaging.

Download the PDF Presentation (1.4 MB)

2014 Sponsor Information
Show and Sell Sponsored Packaging

Many thanks to our sponsors; you make Show & Sell possible!

Click the link below for additional information and sponsor contact details

Download the PDF Presentation (1.4 MB)


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