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Dairy-Deli-Bake 2014

Dairy-Deli-Bake 2014

June 1-3, 2014

Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado

Key Dates and Locations

June 7-9, 2015, Atlanta, GA

June 5-7, 2016, Houston, TX

June 4-6, 2017, Anaheim, CA

June 10-12, 2018, New Orleans, LA



Cool Ideas, Hot Products, Creative Merchandising!

IDDBA's Show & Sell Center is a 10,000 sq. ft. model store in the heart of IDDBA's Dairy-Deli-Bake expo.

IDDBA's Show & Sell Center is a one-stop creative bonanza that has more ideas per square foot than any merchandising center in the world. Not only do we show you the finished product, we show you how to create it yourself. We're not just giving away the store – we're giving away the innovation that goes into it.

IDDBA's Show & Sell Center is a customer magnet that gets them and keeps them. It's a training center filled with tips and tricks. It's a new product showcase and it's there for the taking.

New ideas attract and keep customers. It's not enough to tell them you're good – you have to show it by continually reinventing your department in ways that are engaging and visually appealing. This is a tall order, and the IDDBA Show & Sell Center is your one-stop inspiration shop!

CREATIVE BONANZA that has more ideas per square foot than any merchandising center in the world. Not only do we show you the finished product, we show you how to create it yourself. We're not just giving away the store – we're giving away the ideas and innovation that are the driving force behind its success.

CUSTOMER MAGNET that provides concrete, step-by-step ideas for how to get ‘em and how to keep 'em.

TRAINING CENTER where you don't just browse and look for inspiration. We'll share it with you AND show you how to do it yourself.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and we want you to flatter us all the way back to your customers. Our creative teams spend thousands of hours coming up with new ideas for you to take home and put into action. We're so serious about this that we put the best ideas (about 800 of them) on an Idea & Photo CD and will send it to you after the show. (The Idea & Photo CD is FREE; stop by the Show & Sell booth and get your badge scanned to reserve your copy.)

Department Ideas

Here are just a few of the new product and merchandising ideas that will be showcased in this year's Show & Sell Center. Bring your camera or let us take the photos for you, but make sure you're ready to capture these ideas.

Bakery. Freshen up your Donut Program with Rocky Top Donuts, Hike up Profits by minimizing shrink, "Peak" your Appetite with savory muffins, cupcakes and other pastries. Top it all off with Rocky Mountain High Cakes. Merchandising has come out from behind the case and is grabbing customers by their imaginations. Creativity runs the gamut from little appetites to show-stopping ideas and displays.

Cheese. From the Longhorn Saloon of cheese and beverage pairing ideas, to a Fresh Mozzarella pulling station, to award winning Grilled Cheese, these innovative displays are designed to sell cheese – lots and lots of cheese.

Deli. The deli is the cornerstone of supermarket retailing and this one is built to last. From Pigs & Witches to the Garden of the Gods innovative Salad display to fun concepts like Glamping, the deli department features realistic and executable ideas.

Meals. No Time on the Range? The meals department has heat and eat meal ideas for you. Home on the Range? They've got par-prepped meals ideas too. Combined with the upscale comfort food of Aspen Lodge and the shrink reducing ideas of Trails End, the Meals department will leave you fully satisfied.


Check out merchandising ideas from the June 2-4, 2013
Dairy-Deli-Bake 2013, Orlando, FL

Bakery * * * * Cake * * * * Cheese * * * * Deli * * * * Meals


Show and Sell Bakery Team

Bakery Team
Left to Right: Scott Fox, Dorothy Lane Market Inc.; Dotty VanderMolen, Advantage Waypoint LLC; Rob Trenchik, Lawrence Foods Inc.; Jen Dahm, Dorothy Lane Market Inc.; Beth Scherpenberg, Empire Marketing Strategies; Jim Krenek, Rich Products Corporation; Diana Buuck, Advantage Waypoint LLC; and Brent Vagedes, Rich Products Corporation. Not Pictured: Jeff Philpot, Hubert Company.

Show and Sell Cake Team

Cake Team
Left to Right: Danny Lane, Harp's Food Stores Inc.; Julie Varner, Advantage Waypoint LLC; Ray Lippert, Bakery Crafts; Martha Geiseman, Lawrence Foods Inc.; Elizabeth Riggs, Bakery Crafts; and Pam Pelzel, Bakery Crafts.  Not pictured: Cindi Walters, Dawn Food Products, Inc. and Dave Beccaccio, Hubert Company.

Show and Sell Cheese Team

Cheese Team
From Left to Right: Greg Long, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.; Sue Bosse, Cheesette; Allen Hendricks, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.; Jody Barrick, Cheesette; Prudy Busch, SuperValu Inc.; and Peter Leuer, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc. Not Pictured: Tammy Alexyn, Yancey's Fancy Inc.; Ryan Fisher, Lactalis American Group; Rita Greis, Yancey's Fancy Inc.; Nicki Pennington, Hubert Company; Harold Petersen, California Milk Advisory Board; Elise Shmoorkoff, Yoke's Fresh Markets; Cheryl Soares, California Milk Advisory Board; and Patti Tavelli, Giant Eagle, Inc.

Show and Sell Deli Team

Deli Team
Left to Right: Tom LaFera, Walmart Supercenters; JoAnn Alm, Nash-Finch Co.; Jon Gazin, Team Canada; Isabel Fischer, Coborn's, Inc.; Ron Fischer, Hugo's Family Marketplace; JoAnn Schwarz, Nash-Finch Co.; Jon Newsom, Champion Foods, LLC; and Patty McCormack, Reser's Fine Foods, Inc. Not Pictured: Billy Oxford, Reser's Fine Foods, Inc. and Chad Dils, Hubert Company.

Show and Sell Meals Team

Meals Team
Left to Right: Chris Koch, Cooking or Whatever; Addy Baker, Texas Trio; Ellen Klegstad, Marketplace Foods; Glenda Levsey, Texas Trio; Sonya Heydt, Nash-Finch Co.; Bessie Dicks, Shoppers Food and Pharmacy; and Tony Wilkins, Unique Unlimited Weddings. Not Pictured: David Whitesel, Hubert Company.


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